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Team Incredipede

The design and most of the programming was done by me - Colin Northway. Back in 2008 I wrote the successful Flash game Fantastic Contraption. My wife and I subsequently quit our jobs, gave away all our stuff and became travelling indie game developers. Incredipede is my second published game.

I worked on Incredipede for a year before the game was ready to take out of the prototyping stage and start polishing. At that point I pulled in my wife Sarah Northway, and the talented artist Thomas Shahan.

Sarah Northway

Sarah released her first self-published game Rebuild in 2011, which has since sold over 100,000 copies. I snagged her as soon as she finished the Android port and put her to work on Incredipede's server component. I am paying her in kisses.

The menus, the music, the sharing - basically any part of Incredipede that isn't the game itself was designed or coded by her. She also made this website, and is my ghost writer (tee hee).

Speaking of the music, Sarah scrounged the world's royalty-free music sources to find an eclectic collection of songs using traditional instruments from around the world. See below for a full list of musical credits.

Thomas Shahan

I encountered Thomas' work while looking up a spider I'd found in the Philippines. He's an avid photographer whose stunning close-ups of jumping spiders have appeared in National Geographic. But it was his woodblock prints that caught my eye: rich, wild dreamscapes filled with monsters and exotic lifeforms - this was the world of Incredipede as I'd imagined it!

I'm extraordinarily lucky to have found Thomas when I did, and as you can see his art is a very important part of the game. I've fallen in love with his vision of Quozzle and the world she inhabits, from the wild, free hills to the dark, mysterious jungles.

Sound and Music

The sounds for Incredipede were created by Jordan Fehr. When I heard his wet-squishy sfx in Super Meatboy, I knew we'd found a good match.

Musical tracks from various sources:

Lost in Los Andes by Julio Kladniew
Teponazcuicatl, Asi Andando, Tepeyacac by SAVAE
Choctaw by Gayle W Ellett (Lynne Publishing)
Condor by Bjorn Lynne
Dark Drum by Notepad Music
Nga Nga, Ntoueda by Guy Zerafa
Zambisi by D-Tuned Music Productions
Ivory Coast by Matt Hirt
Heavens Above by Dan Morrissey
Native Healer by Brent Holland
Call of the Pride, Water Buffalo by Shiny Dime Music


Sarah and I share an unorthodox lifestyle of travelling the world while we write our games. We're both from BC, Canada and spend every summer there, but in the last three years we've also lived in Turkey, Malta, Scotland, Honduras, Costa Rica, Japan, the Philippines, Greece and a dozen other countries.

We try to spend a month or two in each location, which keeps costs down and lets us soak up the local culture, make friends, and get some work done. We meet up with local indie game developers, stay in touch with the indie community online, and try to make it back for events like GDC and PAX.

I know Sarah and I are lucky that our jobs don't pin us in one place, and that we aren't too bogged down with the sentimentality of owning stuff. But we encourage other indie developers to join us when they can. Working abroad does have its challenges: we're both terrible with languages, and requiring a net connection can be limiting. But the rewards are extraordinary.

Neither Sarah nor I could name a favorite country. Every place has things that make you love it. Istanbul and Edinburgh are magical cities, Thailand and Costa Rica have beautiful beaches, and San Francisco contains many of our dearest friends.

Maybe tomorrow, we'll want to settle down. Until tomorrow, we just keep moving on.