Incredipede System Requirements

Web version

Requires a browser and version 11.2+ of the Adobe Flash plugin. For best performance, upgrade to the newest plugin version.

Javascript must be enabled to play the game on Please disable plugins like NoScript.

Downloadable version

Requires Windows XP+ or Mac OSX 10.6+, with at least a 1.6Ghz processor, 1GB of ram, and 50MB hard disk space. For best graphical performance, you'll also need a newish graphics card (full list).

Software Mode

If you see a warning about being in "Software Mode" when you start the game, this means we were unable to connect to your graphics card, and the game will run more slowly and with fewer visual bells & whistles.

Make sure you're running the newest version of the Adobe Flash plugin, and have the newest drivers for your graphics card. If you have more than one card, check that Incredipede (or your browser) is set to use your high-performance one. In your non-Chrome browser: right-click on the Flash player, go to Settings, then enable Hardware Acceleration in the Display tab.

Check here to see if your current video card can run in hardware mode (aka Stage3d gpu mode). Or see the list of supported cards here.

On Linux, Stage3D gpu support is currently only available in Chrome if you use this modification.